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3 Steps to help you ease your business out of lockdown.

In today's podcast, I speak to you from a place of reflection. Reflecting on the amazing guests we have just listened to over the last few months and excitement for the guests to come.
I am excited for the businesses that will be pitching to you over the next few months as sponsors of the podcast. Each episode will have a 1-2min pitch from a different business that is sponsoring the podcast. They will speak direct to you, the Digg audience telling you all about why they are the best in their game and how you can reach out to them and find them on social. 
I also include my top 3 tips for businesses as they ease out of lockdown. You are going to want to listen to these. I know they will help you so much. 
1. Don't forget about your online audience. You have grown and nurtured that audience for the last 18mths. They are there for you, supporting you, cheering you on and buying from you and that will continue if you don't forget about them. It's more important than ever now to continue with your online strategy and grow that side of your business as it has been the lifeline for so many during lockdown. Please please don't forget about your tribe.
2. Bring your team together. Team meetings whether over zoom or face to face is the best way to make a plan. Get your team together and vocalise any concerns, your vision and goals for your business both in your premises and online. It's almost impossible to do this yourself therefore you need them all supporting you through this. Tell them, write it out on a Goal setting document and stick it to the wall where everyone can see what you are working towards. 
3. Seize every opportunity to collaborate with other businesses in your town or your online community. Collaboration is huge when it comes to business growth and once you embrace this great things happen. 
If you would like to reach out to me on social then please do at anytime
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