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A pandemic won't stop us growing our business.

A pandemic won't stop us growing our business.
Emma Miller and Joanne Chambers are the dynamic duo known as Dollybird Interiors.
With over 20 years experience between them and numerous awards they are experts in their field and are pushing their business to new heights especially since Covid.
In the podcast Emma speaks about taking risks and how sometimes finance can be the only thing that holds you back. She discusses the use of the bounce back loan and how they used that to launch and rebrand Dollybird Interiors - opening a huge new premises and employing more staff. There were so many aspects of the business that Dollybirds wanted to grow so when the opportunity of the loan came up they jumped at the chance to use it in a positive way for their business. 
Emma also discusses social media and how she believes it has helped grow brand awareness and in turn increase their turnover. 
Due to the recent rebrand and expansion to the business Emma and Joanne have realised they can't do everything themselves so they have taken the plunge and employed Clara Maybin from So Social to help develop a digital strategy.
They have also employed the help of Nine874 creative for all their rebranding and visuals.
Influencer Marketing has been a great strategy for the Dollybirds.
They advise:
1. Always have a clear plan drawn out between the business and influencer as to what is expected from each party.
2. Have written confirmation of this and signed by both parties.
3. Evaluate it at different stages as the collaboration progresses. 
This is such a straight talking podcast with a business owner who isn't afraid to say exactly how it is. That's what we all need in business, someone to be open and honest.
You can find Dollybirds:
Facebook: Dollybird
Instagram: Dollybird_interiors
Listen to the full podcast :



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