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Determination and resilience is needed in business.

In this podcast we speak to the fearless and determined Grainne McCoy.

Grainne speaks openly about her journey since having her son at 16 years old and returning to school three weeks later to do her exams.

Grainne is a multi talented makeup artist and her career has taken her across the UK and Europe working on film sets with international brands such as Laura Mercier and collaborating with Global Makeup brand Trish McEvoy.


Grainne has worked at Google and YouTube headquarters and is well known for her part in The Apprentice in 2016. 

Grainne talks on the podcast about the challenges she met in the early days of trying to find her niche.

She also spills the beans on working with the Alan Sugar and the team on The Apprentice. Grainne learned alot from being on the show and she shares all the highs and lows with us.

Grainne is the owner of Give Us Beauty, Founder of The Makeup and Beauty Awards, online educator and influencer. She speaks openly about how she juggles all of that and gives great tips for others trying to do the same. 

Self doubt can be a massive issue amongst business owners, however Grainne outlines strategies to try and help break through these barriers. 

This is a very inspiring conversation that will leave you with fire in your belly.

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