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Getting The Best Results From Your Shopify Store.

Mark Kelso is the Co-founder of Glaze Digital and Chorus Commerce.

Glaze Digital is an agency that can serve big businesses, family companies and startups all under the same roof. They made a commitment from the early days that instead of overcharging clients for services they don’t need, they would take the time to understand their problems and serve up solutions that affect the bottom-line. This approach keeps Glaze really nimble and the fact they work with loads of their ‘day one clients’ is something they are really proud of.

Chorus Commerce is a dedicated Shopify agency that helps businesses create & grow their Shopify stores. 


What statistics are there to show how many businesses are using Shopify and why do businesses or why should businesses choose Shopify over any other e-commerce platform?

  • Over 1,000,000 businesses in 175 countries around the world
  • Main area where Shopify differs is the ability to take away the stressful part of a website, it helps manage the infrastructure, the hosting, the SSL, the credit card fraud and lets you focus on the selling.
  • You also dont need to do updates, you always have the latest version, you are basically on the same platform as Kylie Jenner, Kanye West and Gymshark.

Is there a starting price for a shopify website built by you and your team?

  • At the moment our costs start at £3,500+ VAT, this is based on 10 days of our time to get your store up and running and handed over to you with training and everything ready to go, we help you with Shipping, Payment gateways, Tax as well as setting up your

What are the costs for businesses after they have paid you?

  • You only pay the shopify monthly fee depending on your package and any apps you think your store needs, depending on the plan we usually say to add on $70 for apps depending on your needs.

What makes a great looking shopify site?

  • Photography, story and realness, by bringing across your brand and making the store authentic this is the key to a good Shopify store, its the key to an ecommerce store
  • You have to build trust with someone from a cold open, so its not like walking into your store and having a conversation about the weather, or someone you know which is a warm open, this is cold so you have to warm a customer up,
  • Give them a friendly reminder of how many years in business you are, some reviews, some social proof, the brands you stock. How friendly and nice you are and how you will help them and go the extra mile.

So site is ready to start trading What key points must clients be aware of when listing products and services. Take me through the gold standard of listing a product.

  • Its all in the details, Clear Product title with all the info, so ml if it is a liquid based product, brand name, colour.
  • 5/7 lines of descriptions with extra info, size guide if applicable, how something fits, taste etc. Then 1-2
  • Great photos of the product taken on a phone or professional shoot, with a clear background, make sure you are selling, talking about benefits,
  • USPs etc. Its not about over complicating it, some of our high performing stores just keep it very simple.

So products are all listed properly - we are ready to go. How do people now find that website?

  • This is the hardest thing, and something that most people struggle with, there is no quick wins here, unless you get a viral sensation or pay to play you will be stuck having to find your own customers,
  • Look at your channels and be creative. Facebook, instagram, Pinterest, Whats App, Forums, Communities, Facebook groups, Blogs, out reach its all about getting your name out there, and
  • When you do start getting orders, dont lose that, follow up with a thank you message, give an extra something to the first orders asking for honest feedback, the more feedback you get the more you can pivot or change course on your business.

Talk about Shopify marketing?

  • The main thing with Marketing is don't try and do it all, identify the channels that matter to you, some marketing ads are better spent on google shopping where as other brands work best in video form for IG videos etc.
  • The key is to realise that, trial and error is key. Try and reach them on every touch points, social, email, web, app, paid, post.
  • Email is very important if you have a business with repeat purchases, once you pay to acquire the customer email helps you maximize their lifetime value
  • Google Shopping is great if you sell other brands eg Calvin Klein as you can tap into an existing demand for the brands.
  • Social is good for visual products as you can showcase the product through images, video etc in ways you can’t through other channels

Tell me about Klaviyo and Mailchimp. Why one over the other?

  • I describe Klaviyo as Mailchimp on steroids, if gives your more data and relates better to ecommerce, so it integrates and lets you build out flows, like a thank you series, or a welcome series, it also lets you focus in on a product range, lets say you sell a physical pram, and after every purchase we want to follow up with those customers to give them tips on how to be extra safe, then 2 weeks later check in and see if they need any accessories, we can build a flow in Klaviyo to automate this.
  • Mailchimp is great for no Ecomm email and we use it for some projects but ecomm Klaviyo is king.

How important is a blog on a website?

  • It’s not always essential to blog, but if you do it’s about quality rather than quantity, 1 good quality post will often outperform 10 low quality posts.
  • You want to cover topics that customers are interested in and things they might want to know prior to purchasing your product eg advice on how to style, how to use, latest trends etc

What three things should people make sure they have on their site to achieve optimum results?

  • Social proof
  • Plenty of content
  • Clear navigation - no people can visit the products if no way of getting to them

Any words of wisdom for people who are still trying to decide whether to embrace the idea of a website for their business?

  • Take the leap, with current grants available and the boom in online sales take the leap, the worst can happen is you learn what works for your business, we have some clients who just do click and collect, or others like Herbert Gould on the Lisburn road who just use their store as a brochure, its about getting something up and running and well organised. That looks professional and reflects your brand.
  • One of our clients gets no traffic from anything apart from wedding lists, literally all sales is through wedding lists and it was great to figure this out quickly. As it meant we could tailor the experience around this.


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