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Do not focus solely on Social Media.

Niamh Taylor - Digital Twenty Four 

D24 is a multi-award winning Digital Agency which offers the whole package for Digital Marketing.

All awards are listed on D24 website.

Niamh's Background

- Found her love for marketing at Age 14 when working with her aunt in her travel agency business and helping with visual merchandising in her Dads off license.

- Degree in Economics and Business Development.

- Worked in marketing in Bedeck.

- Moved to Australia for 3years and worked in marketing.

- Moved back to Ireland and worked in Sliderobes for 7years.

         - Established Digital Twenty Four.

         - Moving in the direction of opportunity.

         - Being proactive instead of reactive.

         - Speak at as many confrences and do free work.


What is Digital Twenty Four?

Helps businesses to grow online.

Three elements 

1. Social Marketing - Brands and businesses want help with marketing themselves on social media.


2. Online marketing - Plan out online digital campaigns (ecommerce, enquires, leads, paid social).

Greyhound Racing Ireland


Matchstick Monkey


Buy Fair Global

Dale Farm




3. Training/ Lecturing and Mentoring

Helping businesses with their marketing strategy. Also working with the universities and Government programmes.


Tips from Niamh

World is such a busy place especially on social media. 

No one really cares about you it's what you can do for them. 

Stop fighting for attention from customers, you have to make them feel something. 


What does a typical working day look like now in lockdown.

-On the Screen 12-16hrs a day.

-Look after a team remotely.


What straight talking advice would you give to businesses?

Don't go back to your comfort zone. Push yourself.

Double down doing something you love doing and be realistic with your expectations. 


Northern Ireland Social Media Awards

Established to give businesses recognition for their hard work on social media. 

It gives small micro businesses the chance. So many smaller businesses are doing amazing things on social such as: 

- Bodyfit Mums

- Olivia's Haven

- Ted and Stitch

- Ohh Ahh Cookies


Top Tips for businesses who are in business.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. 

Don't focus solely on social media.

Work at your SEO.

Build up your mailing list.

Show up daily. 

Listen to the Podcast by Stephen Bartlett


What is the digital landscape going to look like in 10 years time?

Perhaps the demise of Facebook and Instagram.

Voice Search is going to be huge.

Artificial Intelligence.



How to I contact Digital Twenty Four?

Closed Facebook Group.

Reach out on Instagram.

Visit the website.





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