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Support your community and your business will grow.


Aimee is the founder of Bodyfit Mums and is a very inspirational person to listen to and you'll definitely feel totally inspired and energised after you listen to the podcast.


Aimee realised that there was absolutely nothing in Northern Ireland for mums, their kids and fitness.

Aimee put pen to paper and thought what do we want to do?

What would be achievable?

What is the barriers to exercise for moms?

 Why can't it be that your exercise program is where you can bring your baby?


The business grew by word of mouth in the beginning and small classes of 1-2 grew to 8 and so on.

 When Covid hit:

 All face to face were cancelled but the Bodyfit Mum community needed Aimee more than ever.

 So she called in help from a friend who had recording equipment, got a space from a friend and she recorded her programme to be launched online.

 Started with the trial of the pre-recorded first and the Facebook lives.

Social media was used to push the programmes and there are now over 500 women on the programmes from all over the world.

 Aimee uses Instagram Highlight buttons to store all the information about all the programmes so she doesn’t have to keep telling her clients the same information.


Community is so important for business

  • Give people a welcoming safe place to come together.
  • Create an experience.
  • Whats app group if appropriate to nurture your audience.
  • Continue to support your community even of they are not purchasing or on a programme at that time.
  • Care about your clients.
  • Find out their story and if you can’t help direct them to where they can get help.
  • Hold events to thank your community.
  • Think outside the box.
  • Grow your tribe.


 Social Media

Explain to your family and friends how important it is for your business.

  • Facebook was the main platform for so long.
  • Instagram has been amazing for the growth of the business.
  • Collaborations are fantastic on Instagram
  • Competitions are key for growth.
  • Use Inshot app for creating good content for social.
  • Consistency is key.


How to Roll out the technical aspect of Bodyfit Mum online courses.


Tips for businesses embracing social

  • Be relatable to your audience.
  • Collaborate with other businesses.

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