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The basics for promoting your business on social media.

How to grow your business online?


How important is social media in growing your business?

The majority of businesses can benefit from a presence on social media and  showing up consistently is very important.

It is better to have have some social presence than none at all.

If it gives you anxiety then perhaps consider Influencer Marketing.

Your audience is interested in your business and you, otherwise they wouldn’t have followed.

Let your business guide your content.


Top five things for beginning on social media.

Find out where your audience is.

Brand identity across all the platforms.

Link your social accounts.

Update your bio with your key sales pitch.

Educate your audience on your business.

Treat your Dm’s and messenger with respect giving value.

Don’t focus on engagement focus on the enquiries, sales.

Social Media is as invasive as you allow it to be.

Educate, entertain or inspire with your content.


How to you deal with haters?

Accept that everyone won’t like you.

Develop a thick skin, you are doing it for your business.


What type of content gets the most reach?

If someone lands on your grid ensure all of your pictures represent your brand identity with clear, aesthetically pleasing images.

Use your stories as nurturing your audience using the stickers to keep engagement up.


Is Social Media the be all and end all?

No - you must consider other areas of digital marketing.

  1. Building an email list.
  2. Creating newsletters.
  3. Writing blogs.
  4. Pay attention to SEO.
  5. Attend any webinars and training available.
  6. If you can afford it outsource the things you can’t do to save you time in your business.


Find out about any grants available- speak to invest ni and local enterprise centres.


The topics above require extensive elaboration however they do outline the basics for beginners to consider. 


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