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Top Tips for putting solid HR Foundations in place in your business.


In todays podcast we talk about all things Human Resources.


Johanna Scullion is the founder and owner of HR Made Easy.  She is a Chartered MCIPD HR Mentor & Business Coach with over 20 years’ experience of coaching, mentoring and leading businesses of all sizes and in all sectors manage their people.  She is also a trained development coach, an assessor, a trainer and certified in psychometric testing.  


Johanna’s entire career has been in HR and staff development coaching.  She has worked across private, public and voluntary sectors; spent 8 years as a management consultant (Big 4 & global top 10); been both a HR Manager and a Staff Development Manager; as well as being an Associate Lecturer in HR and Organisational Behaviour with the University of Ulster for 10 years.   Johanna left the corporate world in 2012 to embrace her dream of being an entrepreneur and opened her own boutique HR consultancy based in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland.  Johanna fell in love with owner managed small businesses very early in her career. ”I love the passion and drive you have for your business and the work that you do.  Now I have made it my mission to make HR easy for small business owners everywhere by educating and empowering them to have the confidence to take control of HR in their business.”


Top Tips For Small Business Owners Who Want To Put Solid HR Foundations In Place

The topics discussed are all about the foundations small business owners need to put in place to a) honour their legal compliance duties as an employer and b) give them peace of mind that they have proper HR practices in place.


Top tips for small business owners to put solid HR foundations in place:


  1. Understand your starting point – you already have a “contract of employment” in place even if you don’t think you do.
  2. Take control and put a “written agreement / contract” in place asap – ALL EMPLOYEES MUST have a “principal statement of main terms and conditions of employment” in place from day of employment if you plan to employ them for longer than a month.  I can discuss the “Key clauses” you must include.
  3. Put a “non-contractual” employee handbook in place that contains the “rules & standards” of your business.  This can grow and expand with your business.
  4. The key HR policies all small businesses should have in place – including my number 1 MUST HAVE policy for all small business owners
    1. Absence & Leave Policy
    2. Absence Notification & Certification Policy
    3. Disciplinary Rules and Procedure
    4. Equal Opportunities Policy
    5. Grievance Policy & Procedure
    6. Holiday Policy
    7. Health & Safety Policy Statement
    8. Probation Policy
  5. The best HR is Informal HR – i.e. how to have challenging conversations with staff, when they are under-performing or not reaching your standards (nip it in the bud quickly).  Ask me about “the sandwich”.


Invitation to Immediate Access to Free HR Training:

Johanna would like to invite our listeners to sign up to her three part training series “the Take Action Challenge” which has three videos and three workbooks, covering all the detail you need to know to put your employee contracts & handbooks in place.  You can sign up now and get immediate access to all three parts of the training and workbooks:


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“Disclaimer: The topics discussed in this podcast are provided for general informational purposes and do not constitute legal or other professional advice. While the information is considered to be true and correct at time of publication, changes in circumstances may impact the accuracy and validity of the information. Caroline O’Neill from Digg for Success and Johanna Scullion t/a HR Made Easy is not responsible for any errors of omissions, or any action or decision taken as a result of using the guidance.  You should consult a professional adviser for legal, employment or other advice when appropriate.”   










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