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Where do I begin to tell you my story?

My name is Caroline O’Neill and I am wife to my handsome hubby Gerard and mummy to my three crazies, Pearse  (7), Darragh (6)  and Tess (2). Life has had so many twists and turns of late but I am now on my new Digg Mama journey and I’m so excited to take you along with me.

Life has changed dramatically for me in 2020 and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Without dwelling on the past too much, I feel I need to tell you a little bit about my past as it has moulded me into the person I am today.

For the last 12 years I have been the proprietor of DIGG Childrenswear which was a bricks and mortar store in County Tyrone Northern Ireland and online store also.  When Covid 19 hit, I had to make big decisions for my business and my mental health. These were decisions I didn’t make lightly, decisions which broke my heart yet also made me feel so free. I have no regrets, I am now on a new path, one which gives me fire in my belly again and makes me determined to make a difference in business and in life.

Digg Mama No Regrets
 "No Regrets" Jumper by Ted & Stitch

During my time in DIGG Childrenswear I founded Digg For Success which is an organisation that helps businesses use social media to grow their brand and business. This has been a fantastic way for me to meet and help, like minded individuals all wanting to push their business forward. 


Digg For success
Digg For Success Event - Glenavon House Hotel  2019


Throughout all of this my love for social media has grown. Yes, I am aware there are negatives with the online world however social media is such a powerful tool and can have such a positive impact for a business. Therefore I knew I wanted to celebrate all things social, so in 2019 myself and my business partner Niamh Taylor (CEO Digital Twenty Four) founded the Northern Ireland Social Media Awards

Northern Ireland Social Media Awards
Northern Ireland Social Media Launch Party - House Belfast 2019

Unfortunately due to Covid 19 we haven't been able to host our awards this year however we hope 2021 will bring better things for everyone and we can once again have a night with the stars.

Lately I have found myself in a place whereby I needed a creative outlet for my busy mind. I needed to find something that I was good at and passionate about and let myself be "me" again. 

And here we are!

This online platform I am launching is one of two things. Firstly it is a place for me to document our journey as a family and everything that that entails from family time, holidays, home cooking and the madness that unfolds in the O’Neill’s house on a daily basis. 

digg mama family

It is also my way of fulfilling my passion for helping businesses to navigate their way through this new digital space we are now in.  I will bring them along on my journey in a real, authentic way which best showcases what they have to offer. I will be their mentor if they need it advising them along the way. 

I hope you enjoy the content we create together as a team, because that is what we are, a team. Gerard and I are a team and I am part of the team for each and every business who partners with Digg Mama. I hold their goals and vision in my head and in my heart as we work together to raise awareness of their brand and business. 

digg mama boss babes
Just a few of the Boss babes who are part of my life and I’m proud to call friends and colleagues.


I hope you love following along and please reach out to me at any time if you need support for your business or you need another mama to talk to. I’m here.

Love Caroline x