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To be representing beauty on my page is something very different for me.

I am like most women, I like to take care of myself and take pride in my appearance but there are times when life takes over and beauty treatments take a back seat.

You guys know the drill. Fitting in that waxing/sugaring appointment, getting the nails done and putting on tan feels like a luxury sometimes that we don't have time for. 



I am constantly saying I don't have time what with juggling work and family but I have find when I make the time I feel so much better about myself. 


So over the next few months I will be on a beauty journey like I've never been on before. I will be showcasing skin treatments, hair removal, tanning and so much more.

You won't recognise me. Just kidding. 

I'm looking forward to spending some time on me and in turn showcasing to you all the amazing businesses I'm working with.