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Burkes of Cornascriebe & Digg Mama

"I contacted Caroline about sending some of our clothing range to her children. From the first initial reply she makes you feel so comfortable and important. She is full of fantastic ideas and always has your business as her priority no matter what else is going on. All of her ideas, recommendations and indeed anything she tells you will happen certainly does. Her advice is given in a lovely manner.
We increased our followers and where also contacted by other businesses looking to stock a range of our clothing.
We have had customers arriving to buy products only because they saw "the wee digg boys" in them.
I would recommend Caroline for any business who is wanting to increase their online audience.
I have spoken to her on several occasions since asking advice and nothing is ever too much trouble. She is also very understanding that not everything is appropriate at one specific time but she provides knowledge you can work towards or store for future reference."