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Episode 1: Creating Hard Hitting Content For Social Media.

During this podcast Ashlee gives top tips on how to make an impact in the Influencer Space and how businesses can create impactful content online.


Question asked by a lot of micro influencers.

How do I get passed 10k followers?

- Don't focus on a number.

- Keep being yourself and do what you love.

- Don't hide from the camera.

- Include a mix of photos and videos, grid posts and stories.

- Be aware of new brands and businesses  that you are drawn to and create content that they may like and tag them in it.

- Share other businesses and influencers.

- Work hard at your content and it will help you stand out.


What is OSF Designs?

Oh So Femme Design and Creations helps bring your brand to life through creative movement. It creates content for your brand specialising in video. Offers one to one consultations and teaching.

Works with all budgets.


Best Apps for Videos and Photo editing.

- Inshot is a great app for video editing. Lots of practice needed with this to get better but it is great for those at a beginner level. 

- Tezza is also a great app for beginners for editing photos. 



-For beginners your smart phone is perfect.

- Canon GX7 Mark 2 is used by Ashlee but no need to invest in this if you are just beginning.

- Ring light is very good for lighting up a space 

This is a link for one from ebay - Ring light

- Soft Boxes are also good to cast even more light on an area or product.

This is a link for one on ebay - Soft Boxes

The best thing to use is natural light however sometimes that is not always possible so these pieces of equipment will help make your product pop.

Top tip: Always face the natural light. Do not take a picture with the light behind you.


Advice for business owners.

- Stop watching others if it makes you feel inadequate.

- Don't compare yourself or your business.

- Focus on your own goals.

- Don't give up.

- Be consistent - very important.

- Follow businesses from different countries for inspiration. 


Get in touch with Ashlee / OSF Designs.

DM on social media however sometimes messages are missed so always send any business enquiries to: