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Digg Deep For Kids

Due to my long history in kids retail and now that I am a parent myself, I have become more and more invested in trying to make a difference to the lives of the children in our communities.

I have been involved in many campaigns over the last number of years which I can proudly say have made a difference.

Digg Superstars helped so many children feel fulfilled and worthy of a place in the world of fashion.


Digg Mission Christmas made a difference to hundreds of children's lives Christmas 2019.



Digg Deep for Kids (2020) raised £102,000 in just over two weeks for Cash for kids, Womens Aid and Children In Northern Ireland. This money was then turned into £250,000 worth of essentials for the charities by working with Influencers throughout Northern Ireland.


What I have learned is that everyone wants to help but often they don't know how or they have no clue where to start. 

I promise I will continue to be that vehicle for you all in whatever way I can. I have some exciting projects coming up which will help so many of our children and I know I will have your support because I always do.

 Lets continue to make a difference in life and in business.