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His Style

I am having a little giggle at the fact that I have a section dedicated to Gerard's fashion on my website. I asked him could I include him as I feel mens retailers often miss out on an opportunity to showcase what they have due to the lack of male fashion influencers. 

So with Gerard's permission I am allowed to chat about what he likes to wear however I wouldn't count on any fashion hauls from him anytime soon.

I know there are some men who like to buy their own clothes and are very into their style. That is not Gerard. His fashion at the moment is his work gear during the week and shorts and t-shirts to chill in the evenings.

Now don’t get me wrong. Gerard knows what he likes. If I bought him something he didn’t like he wouldn’t wear it, naturally. However after all of these years I know what his style is.

He likes plain and understated. He likes a good pair of jeans and a plain shirt or long sleeved polo-shirt. His footwear collection is quite humble in comparison to my rows and rows of shoes (no need for half of them). 

But for now he is happy in his work gear.

I will try to showcase what is available for our partners and I hope you find some nice new gear for the men in your lives.