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Kids Style

Obviously with my long history in kids retail I love kids fashion. Im sure like most parents I would spend the money on making sure they have everything they need before I attend to my own needs. Thats only natural.

I love dressing my children up. I guess it’s my passion for kids' fashion that makes me excited when they are all dressed up on a Sunday to go to mass or out for lunch or visit Granny and Granda’s.

Now I fully admit, like most of you they are in their old work clothes and sports gear after school but at the weekends I make a point of getting them dressed up. I hope I am always able to stick to that as I hear a lot of parents talk about them getting older and insisting on wearing their sports gear all the time. I really hope I can avoid that for another while.

I hope to bring you lots of variety when it comes to Kids Clothes from key investment pieces that can be passed down to more casual affordable items. The key for me is always comfort when it comes to their clothing.

I hope you love the business I have partnered with for the next few months.