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Our Home

Home is our happy place. Of course we love to get away on little breaks but every time we drive in the driveway I always say to Gerard "There's no place like home."

Of course, as you all know, you never really feel like your house is "finished" when it comes to decor however we are very laid back and like to take it room by room.

We are very lucky as we have lots of space and everyone has their own bedroom but there are times I feel like maybe I should wait until the children are a little older before I decorate their bedrooms as they are quite fond of drawing over the walls.

Please tell me other kids do this.

I love decorating the house at special times of the year and having family over for dinner so I am always picking up things when I am shopping to make my table look pretty or to add to my collection of Halloween, Christmas and Easter decorations. 

I hope you enjoy all of the businesses I showcase that inspire me within my home.