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My style has changed so much recently due to the times we are in and the way my life has evolved. I love fashion. I always have. I remember on one of my first dates to the cinema with Gerard and he made comment about how I always had a different outfit every time he saw me. I will never forget what I was wearing - pink Miss Sixty cords and matching top that said Miss Sixty across the front.) I thought I was just gorgeous. Cringe.

Thats exactly how it was back then , I spent alot of my student loan on clothes and I lived for the weekend to get dressed up and hit the town with Gerard and the girls.

Now its a different story. My life is all about comfort at the moment. I am always rushing around to drop the boys off at school or Tess to the child minder, then pick up some groceries and do a little work from home. I want to feel comfortable yet I still like to look good.

If I am going anywhere nice I don't mind splashing out on something more expensive but for casual clothes I like affordable pieces that are on trend. I do also like to invest in key pieces that can be worn year after year.

I hope you enjoy my fashion recommendations over the next few months.