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Welcome to Digg Mama

I am Caroline and I am wife to Gerard and mummy to Pearse (6) Darragh (4) and Tess (1).

I have never felt more blessed in my life. I look at my children every day and remind myself that it doesn't matter what life throws at me I can handle it when I have them beside me.

This is Gerard. He is the best daddy and husband that I could have ever hoped for and again I feel very blessed to have him as our leader and protector in our family. 

However as I write this, I still cant quite believe its the end of October 2020 and we are dealing with a worldwide pandemic. Im sure almost everyone says these words to themselves daily. It really can be quite overwhelming and often bring on feelings of anxiety however we have to find ways to distract ourselves while still being very much aware of the dangers.

I started Digg Mama as a distraction. A distraction from my worries in business.  Thats a story I have told a lot recently and I don't want it to define me so I will leave it untold in this blog but I have always been open and honest about my journey so far.

As I launch this website today I have no regrets. I am excited for the future with my family and with each and every business that I work with.

This platform will allow me to spend time with my family and create content that also helps so many businesses gain exposure and hopefully introduce my audience to their business.



I am fully aware that not everyone will like the things that I like, thats just life however I know that the positive audience I have built up will appreciate that each and every business is working so hard right now and they will be cheering them on from the Digg Mama sidelines. 

So join me on the journey, I am hitting the road visiting all the businesses and having the craic along the way. I will be helping and advising where I can and showcasing to you all exactly why we have the best independent businesses in our little country and now is the time to support them.

Love Caroline x